Artist statement

My work focuses on the fragmented occurrences of singular and split narratives and tactile images prevalent in the digital video culture (internet field, game, smart phone, drone technology, high-definition imaging technology) which has taken up a large part of the visual practice today. Expanding on the mediation on the relationship between the digitized residual images seen through the screen surface every day and directly-experienced scenes of reality, I seek for the sense of romanticism, loftiness and fantasy which human beings sought to see and create through moving images in the history of film and animation.

My solo exhibition The Height of Phantom in 2015 presented my new digital animation work Scroll Down Journey, and two single-channel video works titled A Man with a Flying Camera and I Will Drone You. In this exhibition, which shed a critical light on the new media phantom hovering around in the human reality and virtual space, I explored how the new media technology transforms the human visual experiences and actions, and the ways in which humans use new media technology and are portrayed by it.

The 2D digital animation Scroll Down Journey portrays the human world that is constructed or illustrated by new media technology, which was invented by the basic human instinct to observe and explore this world more efficiently. It explores how the digital image technology changes the human visual experiences and actions, and the ways in which human beings use and are portrayed by such technology. In Scroll Down Journey, a car traverses a real image world which is flatly laid out in the digital flat space of the screen, based on a background image of a virtual map put together by 2D renditions of spatial images in vertical perspective –– collected through satellite photographs and drone footages —through digital painting technique.

We’re used to being reduced to a single dot in the virtual digitized map space in navigation systems, and traversing on certain paths to make our movements in the real space more effective. The image and movement in such virtual space flattens our understanding of real space, and re-mediates the concept of space as seen through human eye. The ceaseless flow of cars, signifying the human movement in virtual space, expresses the human movement in the virtualized space today.

A montage on the human reality today as portrayed by drone camera — a flying camera which appeared in our world and space like an apparition, the two video works A Man with a Flying Camera and I Will Drone You explores the various occurrences in the real space. Space, previously experienced through a virtual perspective existing in computer simulation space, is now shown in real space through the drone camera, and the virutal character who once moved through the simulation space of computer games now navigates through real space. These video works, in which the character (myself) is filmed moving around in real space by a drone camera, signify human beings today who drift over the ambiguous borders between virtual and real space produced by new media technology.

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