Operation Mole

8-channel animation installation/HD/sound/2012

"Nothing disturbs me, no one has tracked me down, above the moss seems to be quiet thus far at least, but even if all were not quiet I question whether could stop to keep watch now: I have changed my place, I have left the upper world and am in my burrow and I feel its effect at once. It is new world, endowing me with new powers" Kafka, The Burrow

In Operation Mole, I imagined a driver who drives a mole tank that drills and travels underground in a different world to complete the glorious task of detonating a bomb; however my fictional character has another agenda. His own task is to save his love. While on his journey, he witnesses multiple political events both above and underground.

Operation Mole/3072x768 HD animation/3 projectors/04:00mins/sound/2012

Operation Mole/4 views of the mole tank and the driver/HD blu-ray/sound/2012

Operation Mole-Farewell Comrade/HD animation/sound/2012

Operation Mole-WTF/HD animation/sound/2012

Operation Mole-The Final Love/HD animation/sound/2012

The Operation Mole project is an eight-channel animation installation. Each channel creates a storyline that intersects with those of the other channels. The narratives are based on my memories combined with historical events and are relayed through multiple projections, monitors, theatrical props, a mural and a bunker set which is papered with simulated concrete block hand painted in water color.

installation view, 2012 installation view, 2012 installation view 2012 installation view 2012 installation view Total Museum of Art 2013 Total Museum of Art 2013