The Rocver Project-First Landing 2006

What is the Rocver Project?

The Rocver Project is an epic project to create a virtual space within reality and then explore the district. The space may be unknown to us and a completely different world from ours. The Project is to explore a duplicated space of this world that might exist somewhere in the universe.
The first landing project was completed last November when Rocver X1 was manufactured. A preparatory process to explore the topography on which the Rocver landed (The Second Planet) was perfectly executed.
The term Rocver is a composite of this project master Choi Sung-rok and the machine named Rover.

The Rocver Project : First Landing

One day in 1997 this project began after seeing a dark object was free falling onto the surface of Mars.
This project was begun by means of curiosity and uncertainty about a variety of events that have permeated my head.
Two spaces coexist.
There is the dull sky of Seoul that I see everyday; the tense sky above the East Sea where missiles are flying; the path of a spaceship going to the far desolate outer space.
And there is the sky within the virtual world, the online game space where it performs as Wyvern’s transportation to wander in Azeroth (a world composed with two continents within WOW). (a scenery within the world of absorption)
Everything has merged together in my head. I am trying to elucidate a story on these two skies existing in a half virtual and half real world.

In 1997, in the middle of my first year in university, for the first time in history NASA has sent a Pathfinder to Mars. The ROVER inside of the Pathfinder detected the various traces of Mars and sent them to earth. It can be said that ROVER is the very first object and machine to assist humankind observing and experiencing what we could have not before. The scene shown by ROVER led to a suspicion that the scenery may be a false image. Though it cannot be distinguished as true or false, curiosity and doubt still remain.

How the ROCVER was built?

I wanted to build non-existing machinery. The foremost goal for the NASA’s machine is to discover and record something in the outer space. To some extent that space could be considered virtual. One of the approaches toward a machine was admiration for serving a thoroughly instrumental purpose.
ROCVER is a replacement for my own sight, consciousness, and ambition.
My intention was to construct a machine that links the sky in the virtual and the actual world, something that could speak for me. I wished to document the virtual occurrences in reality by recollecting the afterimages of the occasional rushing of hypothetical absorption. There are countless missiles being used everyday, yet to most of the people they were not much different from the missiles in the computer games.
I created a wanderer of myself, who could transmit the scenery of the virtual world I have seen myself within the real space that granted me a virtual imagery and myself within the virtual space that proved me an actual existence are blended. And this merged altar ego (of my own) is being transmitted to a single point of an actual yet virtual space. As if I emit the video documents as I wader through the half-virtual, half-real world in the same way R2D2 does in the Star Wars movie.
I wanted to create a machine that could guide me through this chaotic world and walk along an unknown world. My attempt was to construct a machine that may accompany me. And now its first step has made.