Vertical Acts,Digital Video Performance, 04:05, 2017

Vertical Acts,Digital Video Performance, 05:00, 2017

This work concerns Gwangju as an urban space and the bodies, memories, and movements of the people who fill it. Through the relationship between city and person, through changes in perspective and the resulting re-appraisal of space, and through bodies moving at the command of others, it tells of the city, the body, movement, and consciousness. Participants move within the city environment, invoking their own memories and interest as they carry out actions according to a pre-set manual. Consciously and unconsciously, those actions reveal the relationship between person and space.
The movements shown in the work were photographed by drones in the sky. The pilot observes the movement of the pilotee over a monitor on the drone, issuing orders over a walkie-talkie as the pilotee follows along. The virtual perspective creates a video game-like relationship of “player” and “character,” through which the city of Gwangju is re-understood by participants as a virtual space. For people living in the city and going about their everyday activities there, it is an experiment with new perceptions of and movements within an existing space.

supported by Gwangju Media Art Festival 2017